Greek Souvlaki- Grilled Chicken Fillet skewers marinated in Greek Mountain Tea with a touch of Greek Honey on a bed of freshly cut vegetables and then served in a gently warmed Pitta Bread with a dollop of our famous homemade Tzatziki sauce….Vegetarians Welcome.

Welcome To John The Greek Streetfood
John The Greek prepares the days menu every morning with care. Incorporating the freshest and most delicious ingredients from the UK and Greece, his fusion cuisine promises to delight and appease even the most demanding palates. Streetfood never tasted this good..!!


Chicken Souvlaki (Single Skewer)

Chicken Souvlaki (Double Skewer)

Chicken Souvlaki (single skewer) + Portion of Chips

Vegetarian Souvlaki

Portion of Chips (with Feta + Tzatziki Sauce)